Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Custom hotkeys in IntelliJ IDEA

Three custom hotkeys I use quite frequently in IntelliJ IDEA:

alt-shift-L - Compare with latest repository version
creates a diff from your copy to the latest version of the current file from the repository

alt-shift-H - Show History
shows the version history of the file with who modified it, revision number, and comments

alt-shift-A - Annotate
annotates the current file with the revision number and who modified each line last - I love this one.

To create custom hotkeys, go to File->Settings->Keymap.

You can find those mappings under Version Control Systems.

1 comment:

jeremy said...

Ooo, also alt-shift-R for Revert changes. For some reason it's labeled Rollback in the Keymap window but it still brings up the Revert dialog. It's nice that it does bring up an option/confirmation dialog too.