Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Having intellij + tomcat update web content without a restart

So I've had issues with intellij + tomcat updating web content without a tomcat restart - very painful.

I've found the magic that will allow for it thanks to a coworker.

There are three things to do:
  1. Make sure your webapp is an exploded directory instead of a war (not sure if this is required)
  2. Set Settings->Debugger->HotSwap->Reload classes after compilation to Always - if it can't do it, I'll have to restart anyway
  3. Set Settings->Compiler->Deploy web applications to server after compilation to Never
Then after updating a page, on Windows press ctrl-shift-F9 to "compile" the page or re-put it into the exploded directory.

My sticking point was number 3 - it would put the updated file out there, but when it deployed the web application, tomcat got all confused and required a restart - I think probably because everything was updated including the web.xml.

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